Late 1970’s Britain. Woodchip wallpaper, The Two Ronnies and Tomorrow’s World. While my mother (a mobile hairdresser) put a blue rinse on a lovely old dear, I sat in the corner drawing. Didn’t matter what with - a stumpy old crayon... Didn’t matter what on - a cut up cereal box or the oval centre of a box of Kleenex. Passion for art, design and creativity has been a driving force all my life. It’s taken me from making Staffordshire pottery, onto the set of a space station, recreating a train crash in a tunnel to founding a design & marketing agency.
I am a Designer, Animator and Creative Director with over 20 years experience in broadcast, film, animation and design. 
My scope includes digital art, 3D animation, art direction and look dev as well as graphic design. As an Art Director I have credits including British Sky Broadcasting, BBC and Warner Brothers. As a Graphic Designer and Animator I have been Lead Designer and Brand Guardian for an international retail bank, created multi-language explainers for such diverse industries as egaming to international charities and creatives for world wide marketing campaigns across advertising, cinema and social media platforms.
I focus on bringing graphic design’s principals of proportion, balance and context into the 3D art and motion pieces which I create. I want every frame to be beautiful and tell a story…
As an independent business owner and creative, I believe my 11 years of senior agency experience allows me to better understand the requirements and expectations of working direct with an agency. I've sat in that boardroom, pitched and won that brief, and managed the studio's work flow. I work closely with direct clients, listening to their requirements, understanding their needs, helping them get the stakeholder buy-in they need and communicate their product, story or values.
Thank you for visiting. I hope you see something you like, and I hope you come again.

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